TRI 3-in-1 Mobile Clean & Charge and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Kiosk

Rapid UV-C Sterilizer

2x 220V/4W UVC Light Tube
2.5” LED Display shows UV-C sterilizing status
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Working Voltage: 6V (4x AA Alkaline Batteries**)
Working Current: 240mA
Rating Power: 1.4W
Standby Time: 14 Days (24 hours per day)
Sensing Distance: 40 – 50mm
Free-Standing Kiosk
Housing Material: 1.0mm Cold-rolled Steel with High Quality Outdoor Powder-Coating
Baseplate with Rubber Foot
Dimensions: W496 x D400 x H1383mm
Weight: 28Kg
** Batteries NOT included in package

Model No.: PS-HSTC-Y2

TRI 3-in-1

Mobile Clean & Charge &
Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Kiosk

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